Referral Program

Do you have a Rabbit,  Chicken, or Backyard farming Blog/Website?

Here's how it works

You would install a link to on your website.

Then you have 2 options

Option #1

We will give you a Discount code for your customers/followers to use and receive 5% off there orders. Then you will receive a 8% credit to use at

The 8% will be be base off the gross sales amount minus shipping and Tax.

anytime the Discount code is used you will receive more money in form of credit. There is no limit to this.

If you want to advertise for us on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, or other Forums. We have no problems with this and if your discount code is used you will receive the credit

Credits would be calculated weekly

products that are return or Credit card charge backs will be deducted if  the order used your discount code.

Example Sally Sampson spends $100 - 5% = $95 + $6 shipping totaling $101.00 your commission would be $7.60 

Option #2

You would receive a .10 credit per click. every time someone from your site enters our whether they purchase or not you would receive a .10 credit. credits would be calculated weekly.

if your interested in this program please contact us below and include your website information




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