Fine-X Feeders 5.5" wide


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Simple to use and effective, this feeder provides your bunnies with plenty of fresh, tasty food and eliminates the hassle of feeding time. The 31-ounce capacity feeder (5.5 inches wide)

The Fine X Feeder takes the chore of cleaning rabbit feeders and makes it the simplest part of your day. Broken pellets and dust from crumbled food aren't appealing to rabbits, and sifting and spooning them out of the food is time-consuming and messy. With the Fine-X Feeder, the work is done for you.


This unit consists of a durable metal feeder frame, which features attached rivets and flanges that form a trough and part of the back. Attached to the rivets is a piece of hardware cloth. When food pellets are put into the feeder, they are forced to roll down over the hardware cloth, which effectively sifts most of the dust and broken pellets out. The edible food collects in the trough below and is ready for your rabbits.





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