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AZ Rabbits is a small local rabbitry located in the East Valley near Phoenix, Arizona. As a member of the Rabbit Producers Association and the American Rabbit Breeders Association, we are passionate about raising rabbits and sharing our knowledge with others. We are 3rd generation, knowledgeable rabbit breeders.

At this time, we breed and sell high quality New Zealand Whites. The New Zealand Whites are recognized as the optimal rabbit for backyard meat production. With their small bone structure, bulky form and great feed to meat ratio, they are hard to top. In the past we have been very involved in breeding American Blues and Californians, but are currently focusing our efforts on perfecting the NZW breed and offering breeding stock to other producers.

Currently we are selling rabbits and will soon offer everything else you would need to raise rabbits. 

We also periodically raise and sell Coturnix quail (and fertile quail eggs), Muscovy ducks and sometimes day-old chickens. We will soon be offering Red Wiggler worms for composting, Tilapia fish and other self reliant items! 

Hopefully you will find much of the information on this site useful. It is a work in progress and we will continue to add information for you to help you maximize your success. Check back with us often!

In order to provide healthy, disease free rabbits, we maintain a closed rabbitry. Our rabbitry is located off-site. We are also unavailable on Sundays. All emails, messages, etc. will be returned the following day.


New Zealand White bunnies
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