New Zealand Whites

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The most popular breed of rabbit for meat production is the New Zealand White. In fact,  it is estimated that 90% of rabbits raised for meat are of this breed. 

This rabbit was originally developed in 1916 by W.S. Preshaw for the purpose of optimal meat production and fur trade. The have a well-rounded body and small bone structure, resulting in a larger portion of their weight being meat. They have pink eyes and a great disposition. The adult female is usually between 9 to 12 pounds and the male between 8 to 10 pounds.

They produce large litters of 8 to 12 kits, which has a fast growth rate to fryer size in 8 to 12 weeks. Optimal litter size is between 8 to 10. More that should be fostered or culled.

Because of the great qualities, many hybrid rabbits use the New Zealand White as a foundation stock. However, most all hybrids are unable to continue their strengths from generation to generation, often losing it after just one generation. But with a strong New Zealand White stock, you can continue to breed strong, healthy, productive rabbits for generations.

If you are raising rabbits for your own family meat production to become more self reliant and/or to enjoy a more healthy, lean meat, you can't go wrong with the New Zealand White!

Here at AZ Rabbits, we breed for good size, excellent mothering traits, large litters and overall great stock. Selective breeding is the standard and continually improving stock is important. Because of this, we offer the best New Zealands available.

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We have New Zealand Whites from great pedigreed lines. Our pride and joy com from the Ozark line, specifically developed for the commercial meat rabbit industry. They were obtained directly from Texas A&M and are select stock obtained through selective breeding from Pel-Freez stock from the 1980's and other commercial lines from Florida and Louisiana. This composite maternal line is well adapted under hot and humid conditions. The does exemplify maternal characteristics, such as large litters, well developed nests, good milking ability and strong maternal instincts, for which commercial selection has been applied. 

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We continue to use selective breeding practices to continually improve our stock and provide the very best to our clients. High quality and optimal health is key to our breeding program.

Here at AZ Rabbits, we look forward to providing you with the highest quality NZW breeding stock available for your rabbitries!


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