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When setting up a automated watering system there's a few questions that I have been often asked

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Q: Can I hook it up directly to my hose?

A: No your house water pressure is high around 80 PSI a gravity feed or pressurized system should stay under 12 PSI


Q: Will it take my rabbits long to learn how to use this?

A: Your rabbits should catch on quick. i will usually release a little water so the nipple is wet and they take it from there. but keep a eye on them for the next 24 hours.


Q: how many rabbits per Nipples.

A: I would recommend no more than 3 rabbits per nipple


Q: once my automated systems installed I no longer have to worry about water for My rabbits?

A: even though a automated system will save you a lot of time. You should check each Valve daily. Hard water, dirt, rabbit hair, Etc could get in the lines and cut off water to your rabbits


Q: Can I fix a leaky Nipple

A: Yes, although some nipples are easier to replace than to fix. Repair tools and part are available on this website.


Q: I just set up my system and can't seem to get water to flow out of the Nipple?

A: Check your water lines, all water lines should be running top down. There should be know place on your set up that the water line runs up to a nipple..



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