5/16" Brass Rabbit Nipple


5/16" Brass Nipple (BN1) is similar to the 5/16" Stainless in internal Design. but the exterior Design offer a removable cage clip or cage clip can be used in a horizontal or vertical Position. The BN1 can also be mount on cages that have .5x1" side wire.


  • Includes Automatic Water Feeders (nipple) includes a Cage Clip, Tee and Spring
  • Ideal for Rabbits, Ferrets, Chinchilla and other small Mammals.
  • Does not require a drip cup.
  • Removable Cage Clip
  • works with .5X1" wire mesh
  • Can be used with a variety of wire cages
  • Very easy and quick to assemble
  • Built-In Adjustable spring valve, uses 5mm allen key to adjust


  • uses 5/16" Inside Diameter Tubing 
  • Material:  Brass
  • Be sure to install the "Flared Out" part of the nipple on the bottom side
  • This type of nipple is great for low pressure or gravity fed watering systems water pressure should be kept under 12 PSI.

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