Chicken Nesting Box Two Hole


Chicken nesting box Two Hole


  • chicken nesting box have been specially designed. It provides hens with a clean, comfortable, secure and sheltered space to lay eggs, so they feel safe and secure, thus increasing their egg production rate. It is a very durable, stable and easy to assemble nesting box that will last for a long time
  • Automatic egg collection: One of the greatest benefits of nesting boxes is that you can easily find fresh eggs and you don't even have to reach into the nesting box. As a result, you can easily get more quality eggs. We recommend placing some padding under the lid of the egg collection box to further protect the eggs from collisions
  • Comfortable and durable: Nesting box is spacious enough to allow your hens to stand comfortably, each hole can accommodate up to 3 hens. The ventilated design provides fresh air for the hens and keeps the nesting box dry and cool. The nesting box is made of galvanized steel for a strong and durable construction and the egg laying tray is made of plastic. The nesting boxes are lightweight and will not rust or wear out over time
  • Quick and easy to install: Each package includes all the screws and nuts needed for assembly and comes with clear color instructions. Easy to assemble with a simple screw and nut assembly, with hanger key shaped hanging holes for easy hanging and disassembly, you can mount the nesting box at a height of 18-20 in from the ground
  • Removable nest bottom: The removable tray is very easy to clean and prevents water retention, debris will fall through the mesh tray and other excess can be cleaned with water by removing the tray.




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