Horizontal Side Mount Chicken Nipples with Drip Cup(CK2)


Threaded Red Chicken Nipples with Drip Cup (CK2)

The CK2 Nipples Can be installed Horizontal or Vertical but with the drip cup it 

Your chickens will love these and will always have clean water


  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This poultry water nipple is made from ABS plastic, the longer and stronger metal rod (made from chromium-plated iron) helps your chicken quickly learn to drink from chicken nipples;
  • SAVE EFFORT: This chicken drinker eliminates the problem of the chickens fouling their water and it will release water directly when chickens pack at the valve, so you don't have to change or refill the water every day.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Very easy to install them in a bucket or a PVC pipe using a drill; it work perfectly for chickens, birds, ducks, quails or other poultry.
  • NO LEAKAGE: No clogs or leaks; anti-freeze, the horizontal nipple watering systems has solved the freezing issue

This poultry water nipple is an inexpensive solution to keep you free from refilling the water every day for your poultry. The water will not spill out or drip and the poultry can always have access to clean fresh water!

- Material: ABS plastic and chromium-plated iron
- Product Size: 1.2" x 1.2" x 1.3"

- Product Weight: 0.02 lbs per Chicken Nipple

- You may demonstrate for chickens by hitting the metal part with your fingers, or picking out some of them to peck on the metal part so that they can quickly learn how to use the chicken water nipples; 
- If you put a sealed cover on the bucket, you will need to drill an air hole into the bucket or leave the lid open slightly;
- With proper installation, nipples should not leak however, plumber’s tape can be used if needed;
- Holes should be at least 2" from the bottom of the container;
- If you have chickens of various sizes, place nipples at various heights (height of their back is the best).

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